Behavior Modification For a Better Companion
from Puppy Onwards

puppy training

The Dawning Of a New Dog knows many of the most frustrating puppy behaviours our clients face happen in and around the home. Things like potty training, teachings pups not to eat the furniture, staying out of certain rooms, and crate training all happen in your home.

By conducting our puppy training in your home we are able to deal with these issues right where they are happening. Your pup will make the connection and progress at a much quicker rate compared to offsite classes.


The Dawning Of a New Dog has designed different programs to suit different training needs, some to help you with more difficult behaviour issues like human and dog aggression, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviours, and other severe problems.

With these highly effective techniques, we have been able to save countless dogs who others had determined were beyond rehabilitation.

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